Why I Meal Prep Staple Items:

Every week I like to mix up how I meal prep. Some weeks I focus on batch cooking, where I will make actual recipes and have the meals already prepared. Other weeks I like to meal prep staples so I can make a variety of meals during the week. With everything already being meal prepped, during the week I just have to assemble a variety of meals for us.

Tips for preparing staple items for the week:

  1. Have a game plan, as far as how you will incorporate these staple items into a variety of meals.
  2. I like to brainstorm about 2-3 meals using the staple items.
  3. Mix it up, if you stick to the same meal everyday you will easily become bored and will resort to buying the not so healthy fast food items.

Option 1 using instant pot tomatillo salsa chicken:

Make a fun taco bar or nacho bar using the tomatillo salsa chicken. This is a fun idea if you are entertaining or have a family, because each person can customize their meals based off their preferences.

Option 2 using the tomatillo salsa chicken:

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good quesadilla? This is one of our favorites over here and makes for the perfect quick dinner option.

Option for using the instant pot BBQ chicken:

I kept mine simple by making a loaded BBQ chicken bowl with air fried plantains, and my mayo free coleslaw. But you can easily turn these into sandwiches using your favorite rolls, or sweet potato sliders.

Batch cook a couple items:

Wild Caught Cod Ceviche

Instant Pot Beef Stew With Mashed Potatoes