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Instant pot BBQ Chicken:

If you are tired of having dried out chicken or meats when cooking it is time to invest in an instant pot. Because having the instant pot has been a game changer for the way my meals have been turning out. And please don’t fear the instant pot, it is actually really easy to use!

Don’t fear the pressure cooker:

I’ll never forget the first time I used it, I was so scared to do the quick release of pressure, because I thought it was going to pop off and make a mess everywhere. Todd even did a test to make sure that the steam was not damaging our ceiling, he is so cautious LOL. I realized that it is super simple, just make sure to place a towel over it so you don’t burn your hand when the steam is being released.

Why we love our instant pot:

Todd has fallen in love with almost every dish I have prepare in the instant pot because it leaves the items so flavorful and locked with moisture. One of his personal favorites is this BBQ chicken recipe because he get’s to enjoy it in sandwiches.

Here are the easy steps to making this BBQ chicken in the instant pot:

  1. Add your avocado oil to the instant pot and set instant pot to saute function
  2. Once warm add your onions and saute for 5 minutes with some salt + pepper
  3. Add your chicken and garlic to instant pot and brown a couple minutes
  4. Turn off your instant pot and add your BBQ sauce ( I used Primal Kitchen Foods Golden BBQ sauce)
  5. Add your bone broth or you can substitute water
  6. Cover your instant pot, seal the valve, and set to manual high pressure for 15 minutes
  7. Let the pressure release naturally once done (about 10-15 minutes)
How to serve your BBQ chicken:

We served our’s on some Keto buns and with some homemade mayo free coleslaw.

Instant pot bbq chicken


  • 2 Buy Ranch Direct chicken breast
  • 1 jar Primal Kitchen Foods Classic Bbq sauce
  • 1/2 cup Bonafide Provision chicken bone broth Substitute water
  • Salt and pepper to taste



  • Add all ingredients to your instant pot and make sure the chicken is covered
  • Close instant pot, seal valve, and set to poultry for 15 minutes
  • Once done let pressure release on its own for 10-15 minutes
  • Carefully transfer chicken breast to a cutting board and with two forks shred the chicken
  • Transfer the shredded chicken breast and let sit in the juices ( I like to set my instant pot to sauté and let it brown for 5 minutes, but that is optional)