Grain-free Halloween cookies:

Just creepin’ it real, I am a sucker for getting all festive this time of year. Tis’ the season for all the festive decorations, vibes, and festive treats. And these grain-free spider cookies are the perfect Halloween treat!

What cookie dough do I use?

For these cookies, I went with Primal Palate’s new organic, grain-free magic cookie dough. Because it is one of those cookie doughs that makes for the perfect base. And you can tailor it to your choosing based off the type of cookie you are wanting to make. But if you are wanting to make these asap and don’t want to wait for the cookie dough to ship feel free to make your own cookie dough or buy any other type of store bought cookie dough.

Other ingredients you will need:

  1. Peanut butter cups of your choice
  2. Candy eyes (bought mine off amazon)
  3. Chocolate chips of your choice

How to prepare cookies:

I first started by scooping a heaping Tbsp of the Primal Palate cookie dough and placing on a lined baking sheet. And with my thumb I gently pressed down, bake 350° F for 10-12 minutes (I did 10 minutes). Once the cookies are done let them rest for at least 10 minutes on a cooling rack.


Creating the spiders:

And here comes the fun part! If you have kids, get them over into the kitchen and have them help! Gently place the peanut butter cup top facing down onto the cooled cookies. It will melt a bit, and once it is melted, add the candy eyes. But you could also add some melted chocolate to the back of the eyes and “glue” onto the peanut butter cup. And then melt your chocolate chips with coconut oil, add to a zip lock bag, snip the tip of the bag off, and squeeze out to create 4 legs on each side. And transfer the cookies to the refrigerator to let the chocolate set for about 10 minutes.


Store in an airtight container either at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

I can’t wait to see all of your creations🕷🕸 And don’t forget to tag me on Instagram so I can see them. Hope you all enjoy.

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Grain Free Spider Cookies

Makes 12 cookies


Spider Cookie Ingredients

  • 12 Peanut butter cups
  • 24 small candy eyes
  • 12 oz Primal Palate Magic Cookie Dough substitute any type of cookie dough you like
  • 3/4 cup chocolate chips
  • 1 tsp coconut oil



  • Bring cookie dough to room temperature
  • Using a Tbsp ice cream scoop, scoop out dough, roll into 12 balls, and using your thumb, make an imprint
  • Bake 350°F 10-12 minutes or according to your cookie dough package
  • Once done remove from pan and add to a wired cookie rack and let cool for 10 minutes
  • Melt your chocolate chips with some coconut oil until melted
  • Place one peanut butter cup onto cookie and gently press down (top facing down)
  • If your cookies cooled too much, and your peanut butter cups aren’t sticking, add a little bit of melted chocolate to the peanut butter cup and place onto cookie (top facing down)
  • Add some melted chocolate to the back of the eye balls with a toothpick and place onto the front of the peanut butter cup
  • Transfer the melted chocolate to a zip lock bag and cut just a little bit of the tip off
  • Add your cookies to a sheet of parchment paper
  • Squeeze the bag and create 4 legs on each side, its okay if they go off the cookies
  • Once done with all the cookies, transfer to a dish lined with wax paper or parchment paper and refrigerate to allow the chocolate to set
  • Store leftovers in an airtight container at room temperature or in the refrigerator