This summer time meal prep has all of my favorites prepped during my Sunday Meal prep. If you all aren’t familiar with my Instagram page. Every Sunday I share with you all on my Instagram stories what I am meal prepping for the week. Since I do have a full time job, meal prepping for me is ESSENTIAL. I vary my meal preps, sometimes I do batch cooking of actual recipes, and other weeks I just do more of side items to throw together quick meals during the week. For this week I stuck to batch cooking with a few sides with all of my favorite summer time meals and I hope you love them all as much as I do. If you are a meal prepper like me, follow me over on instagram every Sunday morning to see what items I am meal prepping for the week.

For anyone who is currently doing a Whole30, this meal prep is for you. It is also paleo, grain free, and no sugar added in any of the meals, so my Keto friends can tweak as needed. I don’t label the way I eat, but when I am explaining my dishes I like to do so, to make it easier for you all to know whether or not a meal is for you.

For this week here is the line up:

Meal 1:

One pan Mexican shrimp stir fry with cauliflower rice and veggies

This 15 minute one pan wonder will need to be added to your weeknight meal rotation. It is super simple to prepare and is loaded with flavor. This meal taste great cold too, so if you are like me and have to eat your meals cold, this one works.

Meal 2:

Roasted broccoli, mayo free coleslaw,  hot dogs (I used these) with sweet potato buns, and caramelized onions + jalapeños.

This meal is super fun and screams summertime! I remixed the classics into a healthier version of course, because you know how I ROLL. Everything on this plate is also Whole30 approved, so if I have anyone doing one currently, you will need to make this meal ASAP.

Meal 3:

Instant pot BBQ chicken sliders on sweet potato buns.

If you are entertaining this summer or just want a fun twist on the classic BBQ chicken sandwich, make these adorable BBQ chicken sliders. I am having these this week with roasted broccoli, and my mayo free coleslaw.

Meal 4:

Mayo free coleslaw

I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of mayo. So anytime I am craving coleslaw I am sure to make this mayo free coleslaw. It is so light and refreshing, perfect for a side dish for summertime.

Side dish:

Instant pot cauliflower mash

I pretty much make cauliflower mash every week because it is so good and goes with a variety of meals. This week I will be having it with my ground bison and roasted broccoli for a balanced meal.