Meal prep Sunday:

My favorite way to get prepare for a healthy week is through meal prepping on Sunday. With a full time job, it can sometimes be difficult to juggle it all! And dedicating a few hours every Sunday to prepare items for the week helps so much.

This week’s menu:

Since it’s Thanksgiving week, I wanted to create some Thanksgiving inspired dishes in case you are still planning out your Thanksgiving menu.

Grocery haul:

I typically will come up with a game plan for the week on Saturday and grocery shop by sticking to my list. Not only does this help you have a plan but it helps save money and prevent food waste.

What’s on the menu:

  1. Bacon wrapped green beans
  2. Instant pot mashed potatoes
  3. Roasted root vegetables
  4. Fall salad
  5. Gingersnap pear and cranberry crisp
  6. Candied pecans

How to multi-task:

Now when it comes to my meal prep. I like to utilize a variety of kitchen gadgets at once in order to get my meal preps done in a few hours. So for this meal prep, I start with prepping the instant pot mashed potatoes. And once those are going, I move on to prepping the bacon wrapped green beans over stove top. Next, the roasted root vegetables in my convection oven. And once these three are done, I move on to preparing the other 3.

Clean up as I go:

And don’t forget to clean up as you go. Because this will help you save time at the end and not feel overwhelmed by seeing all the dishes at the end.

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