Summertime Meal Prep:

It’s about that time to start hanging out poolside, at the beach, park, or a weekend on the lake. And I wanted to put together an easy summertime meal prep menu for a quick and easy meal prep options.

On the menu:

  1. Hard boiled eggs
  2. Guacamole
  3. Chicken and bacon salad
  4. Mexican fruit salad

Preparing hard boiled eggs in air fryer:

I have been loving preparing my hard boiled eggs in the air fryer. I simply place my eggs in my air fryer basket, set to 270°F cook for 16-17 minutes for well done. But if you want a softer boiled eggs, cook for 11-14 minutes. And once the eggs are done immediately place in an ice bath to stop the eggs from cooking.

Preparing hard boiled eggs over stove top:

And if you don’t have an air fryer, my other method to making hard boiled eggs is over stove top. I add my eggs to a pot with water. And I bring the water to a boil and once boiling I lower the heat to a slow boil and cook for 12 minutes. Once done, I add the eggs to an ice bath to stop them from cooking any further.

What to use the hard boiled eggs for:

  1. Prep my avocado egg salad for wraps or sandwiches
  2. Snack with salt and pepper
  3. Deviled eggs


I like to keep my guacamole simple. I avocado, lime juice, salt + pepper, and some garlic powder. And I mix it all up and I place the pit in the middle, to prevent the guacamole from turning brown. Serve with your favorite chips or fresh cut up vegetables.

Chicken and bacon salad:

And this chicken and bacon salad is one of my favorites for enjoying during the summertime. Because it is super light and easy to prep ahead. And if you don’t want to cook your own chicken like I do in my Instant pot, feel free to pick up a rotisserie chicken to speed up the prep. And you can enjoy this salad with your favorite bread, in lettuce wraps, or with crackers.

Mexican fruit salad:

You can’t do summertime without a refreshing fruit salad. And this Mexican fruit salad has been my favorite ever since I was a child. Feel free to use whatever type of fruit and vegetables you dig. And if packing this up and taking it with you, I suggest keeping the lemon juice and Tajin separate. Because you don’t want the fruit to get all soggy sitting in the lemon juice.

Can I meal prep these items in advance?

Yes, all of these meals make for perfect prep ahead meal. I typically will prep it all the night before I plan on enjoying. And will consume it all within 2-3 days of prepping, as long as it is all being stored properly.

How do I store this all?

If I am packing everything up to enjoy at the pool, beach, park, or weekend on the lake, I pack them in my reusable bags. Because it leaves a lot more room to store a variety of things in my cooler, because it takes up less space in cooler. But feel free to use whatever you have for storing meals.


I hope these ideas help you enjoy some delicious meals while hanging in the sun this summer.