This week’s meal prep is loaded with all of my go to meals for a speedy meal prep.

  1. Grilled Mediterranean burgers
  2. Instant pot cauliflower mash
  3. Roasted broccolini
  4. Air fried lamb meatballs
  5. Air fried sweet potato fries
  6. Lemon poppy seed no bake blissballs
  7. Strawberry shortcake no bake blissballs

This meal prep took me about an hour and a half to meal prep thanks to multitasking and using all my favorite kitchen appliances.

  1. Air Fryer
  2. Instant Pot
  3. Convection Oven

I like to meal prep sides and proteins during my Sunday meal prep because not only does this allow me to intermix all items into a variety of meal throughout the week, but it let’s me have dinner prepared after a long day at work in under 10 minutes. All I have to do is reheat the day I plan on eating in my convection oven and enjoy with 0 cooking required during the week.

Monday’s snack of choice: Lemon Poppy seed blissballs

Monday’s Dinner: I used my instant pot cauliflower mash, air fried lamb meatballs, and roasted broccolini to create a delicious balanced dinner after work. I simply reheated by adding everything to my convection oven and toasted for 5 minutes.

Tuesday’s snack of choice: Strawberry shortcake blissballs

Tuesday’s dinner: Mediterranean chicken burger bowl with air fried sweet potato fries, greens, and avocado.