My avocado mattress:

I am obsessed with my new Avocado Mattress that is made to promote a healthy lifestyle that is not only better for me but for the planet!

What is the mattress and pillows made out of?

Their green mattress and pillows are made with natural and organic materials.

  • 100% natural latex from tree-tapped and sustainable sources
  • Organic wool from their very own sheep and wool collective in India
  • Certified organic cotton
  • No petroleum-based polyurethane foams
  • ​No chemical flame retardants

Why I chose avocado mattress:

I was doing a lot of research when it came to finding the right mattress and pillows for our new bed. And what I really liked about Avocado Mattress is that they use natural and organic materials. It was nice to learn too that they are Greenguard gold certified by UL environment. Which means they meet the most rigorous emissions standards for chemical exposure and pollutants. And I love that they use all sustainable materials, they are made in Sunny California, and are made fresh on demand.

Delivery and setting up mattress:

I was very impressed with how quick the delivery was! We opted to just have it delivered and set it up ourselves. It arrived within a couple weeks of ordering and it arrived in a compressed, eco-friendly box. But be mindful the mattress is heavy and will require at least two people to set up. Once we opened it up the mattress plumped up and turned into a California king mattress, it was an amazing site to see it go from this compressed tight round mattress to full blown California king size.

Is it comfortable?

I would have to say it is the best sleep I have had ever since changing our mattress. But it did take our bodies about a week to get acclimated to the new mattress. You have the option to add an additional pillow top to the mattress, which I HIGHLY recommend. Because the euro pillow-top adds 2 additional inches of plush organic latex for additional pressure relief and luxury. It also has a built in zoned back support with an internal support unit which helps you feel supported and allow for a restful sleep.

Avocado pillows:

Along with our mattress, we also ordered 4 of their avocado pillows to complete the set. We went with 2 of their green pillows and 2 of their new molded latex pillows. And I love that you can adjust the pillows by unzipping and removing some of the cotton padding to make it the perfect plumpness.

Some other reasons why I chose avocado mattress:

I can say that this was definitely the best decision Todd and I made as far as our new mattress and pillows. And what also is nice about the avocado mattress is:

  1. 1 year sleep trial
  2. Offer free shipping and free return pickups
  3. 25 year warranty
  4. Good for the planet and good for you

This post is sponsored by Avocado Mattress but all words are my own. Thank you for making my sleep dreams come true Avocado mattress and allowing me to share my experience.