You all know that when it comes to my skincare routine I primly use Osea Malibu products on my face. I have been using their products for over 3 years now and it has been game changer for my skin care. As important as it is to consume quality, clean ingredients in our food, it is just as important to assure what we put ON out bodies is just as clean. I love Osea Malibu products because they use quality ingredients I can trust, they are plant based, non-toxic, and family owned. With summertime being here I know a lot of us will be spending hours out in the sun, so I wanted to share my after sun exposure routine I have using Osea Malibu products that I’ve been doing for years.

Here are the 6 products I love using during the summertime months:

  1. Ocean cleansing mudd
  2. Sea mineral spray
  3. White algae mask
  4. Atmosphere protection cream
  5. Vagus nerve oil
  6. Undaria argan oil

Step 1:

While showering, I wash my face with the ocean cleansing mudd.

The ocean cleaning mudd is great for:

  • oily, combo, and blemish-prone skin types
  • Exfoliating and helping decongest blemished skin
  • The organic tea tree and peppermint provide a cooling sensation which is perfect for after a long day out in the sun

Step 2:

Once I get out of the shower, I will spray my face and chest with the sea minerals mist for extra hydration. I also take this with me while at the beach or pool and spray throughout the day to keep my skin feeling extra moisturized.

The sea minerals mist is great for:

  • Normal, combo, and blemish-prone skin types
  • Helping with immediate hydration for your skin
  • Preparing your skin for maximum absorptions of any type of serums or moisturizers you plan on using

Step 3:

I will then do a mask (about once per week) and I love using the white algae mask during the summer time.

The white algae mask is great for:

  • Hydrating your skin if it is dry
  • Helping soften fine lines or wrinkles
  • Leaving your skin feeling extra soft

Step 4:

Once rinsing off my mask I will add either some cream or serums to lock in all the moisture

I like using atmosphere protection cream which is super light and doesn’t leave my skin feeling heavy from the lotion.

The undaria argan oil is another favorite of mine especially if I got way too much sun exposure. This allows for soothing and calming hydration for my skin and locks in all moisture. It also helps reduce fine lines or wrinkles.

The Vagus nerve oil I love using when I need some uplifting essence. I will put a little bit on my neck or ears when I am needing a little energy boost.



I hope this helps a bit as far as how to protect your skin from sun exposure. You can use these products year round, but I use these products more during the summer months. Along with these wonderful products, remember your diet and water intake play a huge role in skincare routine too.