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Kiwi Frankenstein’s:

These kiwi Frankenstein’s are so fun for spooky season. And they are super easy to prepare. They are perfect for breakfast boards, snack boards, or just by themselves for a simple snack.

What you’ll need:

  1. Kiwis
  2. Pretzel sticks
  3. Candy eyes
  4. Melted chocolate
  5. Toothpick

How to create the kiwi Frankenstein’s:

First, slice the bottom of the kiwi. And stand up your kiwi and peel the skin off or use a knife to carefully cut off skin. But make sure to leave some of the skin on at the top to resemble the hair. Next, stick a pretzel stick on each side. And melt some chocolate and add to the back of two candy eyes, and place on kiwi. Using melted chocolate and a toothpick, draw on the mouth, ant stitching.

What do I serve these with?

These are a great option for adding to breakfast charcuterie boards, snack boards, or just as a simple snack option.

Can I prep them in advance?

Yes, you can prep these in advance. But I would suggest leaving the pretzel sticks off until ready to serve. Because they will get soggy and not maintain the crunch.

How do I store them?

Keep them stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Where do I get candy eyes?

You can really find candy eyes at a variety of places. But I have found, the closer it gets to Halloween, the harder it is to find. So get them now before they run out. I have purchased mine at Amazon and Target. And if you can’t find them at all. You can also use chocolate chips for the eyes.

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How to make Kiwi Frankensteins


What you’ll need

  • Kiwi’s
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Melted chocolate of choice
  • Candy eyes
  • Toothpick



  • Slice the bottom of the kiwi off and stand up your kiwi
  • Peel the kiwi leaving some of the top with skin for the hair
  • Add some melted chocolate to back of two candy eyes and place on the kiwi
  • With melted chocolate and toothpick draw the mouth and the stitching
  • Keep refrigerated until ready to enjoy