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This chicken chorizo breakfast hash is one of my favorites. It only requires one pan, 15 minutes, and boom you have a hearty breakfast that will leave you satiated. When I did my Whole 3o back in July 2018 I found that hardest part was coming up with breakfast ideas. I didn’t want to just eat plain eggs everyday, so it took a lot of creativity on my end to think of meals that would be tasty but not boring. Then this chicken chorizo hash was born and I haven’t stopped making it.

I buy my meats from here because I love the quality of their meats. When it comes to shopping for my poultry and meats I make sure to look for the following: 100% grass fed and FINISHED, no shots or hormones added, no antibiotics, humanely pasture raised, and if possible California grown. If you are currently doing a whole 30 you also want to make sure that none of the meats have added sugar (such as chorizo or bacon) since those are the two i generally see companies adding sugar to.

This hash can easily be prepared during your meal prep Sunday to make it easier in the morning to just reheat and enjoy. In the morning i will just reheat mine in a pan with a little bit of bone broth, cook my eggs, saute my spinach, and boom a delicious hearty breakfast is ready in no time. If you are pressed for time it also taste great cold, but I would suggest making it with egg muffins versus scrambled eggs if you don’t have time to cook your scrambled eggs before work.

Chicken chorizo breakfast hash


  • 1 lb @buyranchdirect chicken chorizo hash
  • 1 Japanese sweet potato
  • 1/2 yellow onion diced
  • 1 red bell pepper diced
  • 1 tbsp California garlic ghee


  • Heat pan with ghee
  • Add chorizo and cook through (5-7 minutes) on medium heat
  • Remove chorizo and add in sweet potatoes, onions, and bell pepper, cook for 5 minutes or until veggies are soft
  • Add back in the chorizo and mix


This one pan breakfast hash is sure to take your breakfast from an 8 to a 10. It only requires one pan, 15 minutes, and makes for a perfect prep ahead meal. You can serve it with scrambled eggs, fried eggs, hard boiled eggs, or just eat it by itself.